Change Password

If you want to change your password then sign in with your user name (email address) and current password via the web.

Please log into the MyTeamSafe using the following link
  1. Enter your user name and the password you were given when the account was created by the Administrator
  2. A "User Management" window will open up.
  3. Click on the "info" tab.
  4. Type in your Current Password and then your new password.
  5. Click the green tick to save

Your password will have now been updated for both the website and your phone app.
You will need to re-log into the phone app with your new password.

NOTE: If you are a company Administrator when you log in you will start at your Normal dashboard.
When you log in you will need to click on the Administration tab on the left and then Users. And then find your Name in the User list and then Edit user account as you would normally do.

Many Thanks
MyTeamSafe Support

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