Remote Support - Computer

If necessary we can provide remote support where, with your permission, we can view you computer screen. This can be used for either demonstrations & training or technical help.

To enable us to connect to you computer click on the link below.
It will download a small file. Find where the file is saved and run it (double click usually)
No software is installed on your computer.

A new window will open, looking like the image below.
A support ticket is automatically created and placed in the support queue. We will respond as soon as possible but tickets are priorities so we may not be able to get back to you immediately. 

With this window open, if a remote connection is required then we can then securely connect to your computer.
An Authorisation window will appear on your screen. You need to <Allow> for us to be able to connect. Until you allow us to connect we have not access to your computer.

Once the connection is closed/cancelled we no longer have any access to your computer.
For any additional support you will need to re-authorise any connection. 

For PCs a TeamViewer SOS icon may appear on your desktop. This is to make it easier for you to request support in the future. This can be delete if not required.

Many thanks
MyTeamSafe Support

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