On-site, off-site and absent buttons

If you wish to know where your lone workers are you can use this function. This is really useful in the event of a fire.  The Administrator can call for a list of staff (who use the app) and find out their whereabouts for a roll call.

Users Must click either of the following:
  1. Click On-Site if they are on site at their normal place of work
  2. Click Off-Site if they have left their normal place of work
  3. Click Absent if they are not working on that particular day

Anyone that needs access to the roll call list needs to have the permission set up against them as a User.  You must tick the "On-Site list Permission" on the Type tab for these Users:

In the event of a fire, the nominated person/people can text FIRE and their 4 digit PIN to the MyTeamSafe number +44 7481 345621  

A list will be emailed to them with the details.  See example below:

Please refer to "Fire Roster" and "On-site, Off-site and Absent" links in the following guide:

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