No 3G or 4G signal?

Firstly check that you have Mobile Data switched on.  

If you are in a dead spot and cannot get a 3G or 4G signal you can reply to MyTeamSafe using text/SMS messages

Enter the MyTeamSafe number into your phone if not already done so - +44 118 324 4567

You can now enter the following commands depending on what you are trying to do:  

  1. PANIC [followed by your pin number] - creates a panic alert
  2. START [followed by your pin number] - this will start your session
  3. SAFE [followed by your pin number] - this confirms you are safe
  4. DONE [followed by your pin number] - this will end your session

The commands are not case sensitive

Example SAFE 1234 (if your PIN number is 1234) will tell the system that you are safe. The same as if you were using the App.

If you do respond via SMS/TXT it is recommended that you delete the messages/conversation afterwards to protect your PIN number (The PIN number is only used to respond to MyTeamSafe).

Many thanks
MyTeamSafe support

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